About Us

About Us

The Society of Bead Researchers is a non-profit scientific-educational organization founded in 1981 to foster serious research on beads and beadwork of all materials, regions, and periods, and to facilitate the dissemination of the resultant knowledge. Membership is open to all persons who desire to know what beads can tell us about the world’s cultures, past and present. The Society currently issues a digital biannual newsletter, The Bead Forum, and publishes an annual peer-reviewed journal Beads.

The Society strongly discourages the purchase or trade in beads and beaded items that have been looted from archaeological sites or museum collections. Such activities result in the destruction of sites and the loss of precious knowledge about the temporal contexts of the beads and how they functioned in former cultures.


Kenoyer Portrait

J. Mark Kenoyer
Department of Anthropology
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Alice Scherer
Center for the Study of Beadwork
Portland, Oregon, USA

Journal Editor
Karlis Karklins
Head of Material Culture Research, Parks Canada (retired)
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Associate Editor
Alison Kyra Carter
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon, USA

Newsletter Editor
Rosanna Falabella
Independent Researcher
Hayward, California, USA