Beads-Journal 30


Beads 30 (2018)


  • To Produce “A Pleasing Effect:” Taíno Shell and Stone Cibas and Spanish Cuentas in the Early Colonial Caribbean, by Joanna Ostapkowicz
  • Glass Beads in Iron-Age and Early-Modern Taiwan: An Introduction, by Kuan-Wen Wang
  • Beyond the Nubian Gold: Meroitic Beads Between the Fifth and Sixth Nile Cataracts, by Joanna Then-Obłuska
  • Florida Cut-Crystal Beads in Ontario, by Karlis Karklins, Alicia Hawkins, Heather Walder, and Scott Fairgrieve
  • More Pipeclay Beads from Norton St Philip, England, by Marek Lewcun
  • More on Frit-Core Beads in North America, by Karlis Karklins and Adelphine Bonneau
  • Sourcing an Unusual Man-in-the-Moon Beads, by Thomas Stricker, Karlis Karklins, Mark Mangus, and Thaddeus Watts
  • Stone Beads in Oman During the 3rd to 2nd Millenia BCE: New Approaches to the Study of Trade and Technology, by Jonathan Mark Kenoyer and Dennys Frenez
  • Book Reviews
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