Beads-Journal 32


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  • Large Glass Beads of Leech Fibulae from Iron Age Necropoli in Northern Italy, by Leonie C. Koch
  • Ancient Egyptian Sulfur Beads, by Kyoko Yamahana and Yasunobu Akiyama
  • Barikot Beads and Gandharan Art Ornaments: A Critical Study of Adornment Practices during the Kushana Period of Pakistan, by Mubariz Ahmed Rabbani
  • The Blue Beads of St. Eustatius: New Perspectives from Archaeology and Oral History, by Felicia Fricke and Pardis Zahedi
  • Furnace-Wound Glass Bead Production at Schwarzenberg am Böhmerwald, Upper Austria, by Kinga Tarcsay, translated by Karlis Karklins
  • The Beads from an 18th-century Acadian Site, Prince Edward Island, Canada, by Helen Kristmanson, Erin Montgomery, Karlis Karklins, and Adelphine Bonneau
  • A New Way to Study Ancient Bead Workshop Traditions: Shape Analysis Using Elliptical Fourier Transforms, by Geoffrey E. Ludvik, Thomas J. Dobbins, and J. Mark Kenoyer
  • Frit-Core Beads: An Update, by Karlis Karklins
  • Book, Video, and DVD Reviews
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