North American Trade Bead Bibliographies

In 1972, Karlis Karklins and Roderick Sprague published “Glass Trade Beads in North America: An Annotated Bibliography” in Volume 6 of Historical Archaeology to aid archaeologists in analyzing, dating, and interpreting glass beads recovered from North American sites. In 1980, under the South Fork Press (Moscow, Idaho) imprint, they published an expanded and updated version bringing the total number of references to 455. In 1987, they released the First Supplement to the bibliography which added an additional 588 reports to the list. While these bibliographies are now more than 20 years old, the references listed still provide a gold mine of comparative material for today’s researchers. In many cases, the annotations are detailed enough that the original source need not be sought. We present the last two bibliographies as searchable PDFs for your use.

These bibliographies are PDFs. If you do not have the Adobe Reader on your computer, you may download the Adobe PDF Reader.