The Margaretologist


The Margaretologist :
The Journal of the Center for Bead Research

The Margaretologist was the loose-leaf journal of the Center for Bead Research. It was published about twice a year between 1985 and 2002 to report on the latest work in bead research. Beads of all types from all over the world were covered in informative articles and research notes. Regarding the issue numbers which began appearing on the cover of 1994 7(2), “Issue 18” should instead have been “Issue 16”. There are no missing issues prior to this.

The Margaretologist
1985 1(1)

Bead Factory in Long Beach, California [pressed flower beads] • Chinese Beadmakers in Java ca. 1600? [glass beads made at Bantam] • A Glimpse of Beadworkers in Pre-Han China [division of Labor and status]

The Margaretologist
1986 1(2)

Update: Dating of the California Flower Beads • Beads from the Bones of the Dead • Glass Trade Bead Sample Collections

The Margaretologist
1986 1(3)

The Arikamedu Bead Census: Wide Implications for Bead Research • Glass Beads in China: Further Evidence

The Margaretologist
1987 1(4)

Research on Ancient Mexican Beads • Beads and Ear Plugs • Chevrons and the Conquistadors • Historic Period Glass Beads • San Pedro Quiatoni Pendants and Puebla Glass

The Margaretologist
1988 2(1)

Shanidar, Cave and Zawi Chemi Shanidar, Iraq: Beads of the Early “Neolithic Revolution” • Russian Bead Trade in Alaska

The Margaretologist
1988 2(2)

The Asian Maritime Bead Trade ca. First to Twelfth Centuries • The Early Centuries • The Medieval Period • Indo-Pacific Beadmaking

The Margaretologist
1989 2(3)

Beads in Southeast Asia • Plate: Southeast Asian ahd Early Islamic Beads • Beads in the Islamic World • Notes From Here and There (Rousselet of Paris/Amber/Jade/Ivory)

The Margaretologist
1989 2(4)

Where Did They Bury Our Saint? • Ruby Red Glass • Takua Pa Inscription and Indo-Pacific Beadmakers • Notes from the World of Beads: Another French Beadmaker/
Wondrous Danner Machine/Middle Eastern Beadmakers

The Margaretologist
1990 3(1)

Trans-Saharan Arab Bead Trade • The European Bead Trade • J.F. Sick & Co. Sample Cards • Dimensions of the Bead Trade • Teshi House and Bead Altering • Powder-Glass Beads

The Margaretologist
1990 3(2)

The Mysterious Aggrey Bead • The Bodom Bead • The Uses of Beads

The Margaretologist
1991 4(1)

European Glass Beadmaking: Expanding Our Horizons • Jablonex and the Center • Beads Made in Czech Prisons? • Hebron as Beadmaker • Modern Glass Beadmaking in the U.S.A.

The Margaretologist
1991 4(2)

Motives of the Bead Trade • Mechanics of the Bead Trade • The Altering of Beads • Geography of the Trade

The Margaretologist
1992 5(1)

Mutisalah Beads • Indo-Pacific Beads • Coil Beads • Pumtek Beads

The Margaretologist
1992 5(2)

Heirloom Beads • Where is Site X? • Thoroughly Modern Millefiori • Amber Chamber • Some Modern Beadmakers in Southeast Asia • Bead Altering in Southeast Asia

The Margaretologist
1993 6(1)

Swarovski and Austrian Cut Crystal • Bead Altering • Bead News from Southeast Asia • Bead Expo ’94 • Bead and Crafts Tour of West Africa

The Margaretologist
1993 6(2)

South Indian Stone Beads • Glass Beads in Southeast Asia • New Beadmakers • Bead (Faking) Alert

The Margaretologist
1994 7(1)

Bead Sample Card Project • Gooseberry Beads • More on South India Stone Beadmaking • First Horace C. Beck Grant • Jimi Kola· Our First Intern • New Beadmakers

The Margaretologist
1994 7(2)

Beads in the Codices • New Beadmakers • Onyx and Onyx, Tecali and Tecali • Bead Alert (fakes, bead detective, endangered) • Beads in Mexican Villages

The Margaretologist
1995 8(1)

Beads from a Shipwreck: The Hendetta Marie, an English Merchant Slave Ship • The Beads from Fustat (Old Cairo) in the Awad Collection

The Margaretologist
1995 8(2)

Margret A. Carey “Gotcha” Award • Elizabeth J. Harris Memoriam • Bead Expo ’96

The Margaretologist
1996 9(1)

European Glass Beads ca. 1000 BC to AD 1500 • Bead Fake Alert • Tecali Again • Beadwork in Europe: The Earliest Reference? • Hidden Bead Web Site Number 1

The Margaretologist
1996 9(2)

Some Logos Associated with Czech Beads • The Czech Glass Bead Industry Today • A Wampum Belt in the DMNH • Beads at Jamestown: A First Look

The Margaretologist
1997 10(1)

America’s Oldest Beads • Bead Kits • Bead Expo ’98 Announcement • The CBR Website

The Margaretologist
1997 10(2)

Seed Beads: Personal Intro • A Short History of Beadwork • Questions, Questions: Sizes, Bunches, Dating • A Vocabulary of Seed Beads • Palau Heirloom Beads

The Margaretologist
1998 11(1)

Glass and Glass Analysis • Analysis of Indo-Pacific Beads

The Margaretologist
1998 11(2)

The Venetian Bead Story, Part 1: History • Bead Fraud Alert

The Margaretologist
1999 12(1)

The Venetian Bead Story, Part 2: The Beads

The Margaretologist
1999 12(2)

Middle Eastern Beads: A New Paradigm • Quick Reference Chart to Middle Eastern Glass Beads

The Margaretologist
2000 13(1)

The Beads of Bohemia • Timeline-Bohemian Beads: Outside Influences, Technology Export and Bead Types

The Margaretologist
2001 13(2)

Final Report on Arikamedu, India

The Margaretologist
2001 14(1)

The Beads from St. Catherines, Georgia

The Margaretologist
2002 14(2)

The Bead Trade Around the World (and what it can tell us)
Coral • Chinese Glass Beads in America • Beads to Alaska

The Margaretologist
2002 15(1)

Super Bead Plants (Seeds Used as Beads)